At CimexStore we breed and supply bedbugs (Cimex lectularius), tropical bedbugs (Cimex hemipterus) and a few other similar species for research and scent detection training. Our bedbug cultures are regularly used by R&D laboratories for testing products for bedbug control. Most of our recently collected cultures have high levels of resistance to pyrethroid insecticides. We also keep several laboratory cultures that have no resistance to any of the current classes of insecticide. These cultures are used as a baseline for measuring insecticide resistance. Only a few of our cultures are currently listed on the website, so please email if you can’t find what you are looking for.

In addition to pots of live bedbugs we also supply pre-sealed vials designed specifically for dog scent detection training. These “scent detection lures” come preloaded with live or dead bedbugs, cast skins, faecal material and/or eggs. Sent detection lures are designed to provide an easy solution for dog handlers wishing to train their dogs to find live bedbugs, but without the risk of accidentally releasing bugs into the property during the training exercise.

Aside from live and dead bedbugs, CimexStore offers a comprehensive image gallery. These images can be licensed for use on websites, advertising materials and publications. Please see our gallery and email for a quote.

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