Scent detection dogs are already widely used in the US for detecting bedbug infestations. They are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The highly sensitive nose of a trained scent detection dog has the potential to find even a single bedbug in an apartment, making it an effective tool in bedbug control.

Many hotels already employ the services of scent detection dog teams to screen hotel rooms on a regular basis. Routine screening improves the chances of detecting infestation before they have time to grow and spread, minimising treatment costs and the risk of negative publicity. The speed with which dog teams can screen areas for bedbugs makes them ideal for use on aircraft and cruise ships, where short turn-around times make thorough visual inspections impossible.

For dog teams to remain effective, the dogs need daily training with live bedbugs. Training typically involves hiding bedbugs around a room in small ventilated vials and using the dogs to sniff them out.