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After an extensive testing phase with scent detection teams around the world, CimexStore is now pleased to add a bedbug pseudo scent to its range of canine scent detection products.


Unlike pseudo scents for explosives and drugs, the bedbug pseudo scent is extracted directly from live bedbugs, so it is a genuine bedbug odour, and not a synthetic alternative. The published study by Pfeister et al. showed that 100% of dogs trained on live bedbugs recognised and indicated on bedbug pheromone extracts derived in this way.

The main advantage of this approach is that the bedbug scent can be presented in isolation. When training dogs on live bugs in a container, the target scent is presented alongside the scent of the container and any faecal material, cast skins or dead bugs that may also be in the container. Many trainers view the pseudo scents as a 'cleaner' method of presenting the target odour to the dog.


The main disadvantage of this approach is that it is impossible to equate the pseudo scent to a known number of bedbugs. There is also a possibility that the dog may be able to detect some residue of the solvent on the paper strip. For this reason, we feel that a combined training approach utilising both live bugs and a pseudo scent is likely to produce the best results.


The kit contains:

2ml vial containing the extract of 20 bedbugs
plastic pipette for transferring the solution
20 strips of filter paper
2 ventilated screw-top vials


Directions for use:

1. Place 1 drop of pheromone extract onto the paper strip

2. Place paper strip into ventilated screw top vial

3. Allow 1 hour for solvent to completely evaporate


Approximate shelf life under differing conditions:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 16.48.06

* Please note, these are subjective assessments based on feedback from scent detection teams. The duration that the pseudo scent remains detectable will be in part effected by the sensitivity of the dog's nose as well as the way in which the sample is presented. We welcome any feedback that customers can provide on their own experiences using this product.




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