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K9 scent detection lures are supplied for the training of scent detection dogs. They are 50mm long acrylic tubes with mesh at both ends to facilitate air flow. Lures are supplied preloaded (and sealed) with live or dead bedbugs, removing the need to handle and transfer bugs yourself.


Bugs in scent detection lures are taken from recently collected field strains and supplied freshly fed. They are typically expected to survive for at least 3 months in cool conditions, although we advise replacing live bug lures at approximately 4-6 week intervals to keep the bedbugs fresh. Once the bugs in the lures have died they can be used for 'training off' the scent of dead bugs, so that dogs can learn to distinguish the two.


We supply three main types of lure:

Type 1 - Live bugs (5-7 individuals of mixed stages)

Type 2 - Dead bugs (5-7 mixed stage dead individuals)

Type 3 - Control lures (exactly as above but without any bedbugs)


Discounts for returned lures: Once lures need replacing, they can be returned for a discount off the next batch. We offer a £1 discount for every returned lure.


Specific Requirements?

We can also make up lures specifically to your requirements (e.g. single bug, cast skins, faecal material etc.). Just tell us what you need and select the lure type (Live or Dead) from the drop-down below.

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