Screw-Top Vials (ventilated) Product in stock

Ventilated screw-top vials are designed to be an openable alternative to the K9 Scent Detection Lures. Unlike the lures, they are only ventilated at one end. The other end is a firm, screw-fit cap, minimising the risk of accidentally loosing bugs during a training exercise.


The Screw-Top Vials are 4cm long and 1.2cm diameter. Their small size makes them ideal for secreting around the room during training exercises.


Disclaimer: The ventilated screw-top vials are designed to be as robust as possible. They have firm-fitting lids and wire mesh end caps, which are not easily removed. However, they must be handled with care to avoid accidentally releasing live bedbugs. They will not stand up to being chewed by a dog! Please check the end mesh regularly for signs of damage and that the caps are secure. We will replace damaged lures free of charge but cannot be held responsible for infestations resulting from the use of damaged lures.



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