Getxent Bed Bug Lure

£ 25.00


Pack of 2 bed bug impregnated Getxent lures.

Getxent are a Swiss company. Their lures are made from a special material that absorbs odours. The tube itself has a very neutral smell, but it can be impregnated with a wide range of different odours and used for scent detection training.

Cimex Store receive clean tubes from Getxent and impregnate them with the odour of bed bugs, which takes about 1 week. The tubes are then sealed in aluminium foil packets, which helps to trap the odour in.

The Getxent lures emit bed bug odour whenever they are out of the packet, so the useful life of this product depends on how often it is used. To maximise the longevity of the product, it should be returned to the foil packet whenever not in use.



    • long shelf-life (when not in use)
    • no feeding required
    • no risk of loosing live bed bugs in the training environment


    • limited lifespan outside of foil packet
    • typical working life still being established


Please note, this is a new product. Customers who have received samples of the product report that their trained bed bug dogs were easily able to find the Getxent tubes. However, estimates of the working life of this product ranged from 1-3 weeks with regular use.

For more information about Getxent please see the company website here: