The increase in abundance of Common Bedbugs around the World triggered a wave of new research into development of products for bedbug control. In 2011, while completing his PhD at University of Sheffield, UK, Dr. Richard Naylor set up to manage the sudden increase in numbers of requests he was receiving for live bedbug samples for product testing.

Richard also developed a series of products to enable the Canine Scent Detection industry to expand into the detection of bedbugs. Pre sealed vials and Pseudo Scents have been popular products and global sales have grown steadily over the past 5 years.

In 2015, Richard’s wife, Alexia, joined Cimex Store and now manages the family business. Alexia has a BSc degree in biology and before joining Cimex Store was a secondary school science teacher.

We are pleased to welcome Jan to our team. Jan is providing us with technician support in our lab and is currently being trained in all things Bedbug!

While Cimex Store still primarily specialises in bedbugs, we now hold a number of other insect cultures.