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Subscribe for a regular box of four canine scent detection lures and a Pseudoscent Kit.

Canine scent detection lures (Box of 4):

These are our most popular canine scent detection training product. Each vial contains up to 8 live bedbugs of different ages and sexes, designed to represent a typical harbourage in an infestation.

These double ventilated acrylic tubes are approximately the same size as an AA battery (45mm long, 12mm diameter).

Each tube is pre-sealed with stainless steel mesh at both ends to minimise the risk of escapees during dog training exercises.

Pseudoscent Kit:

Pseudoscent kits are used to provide the odour of live bedbugs, without the need for actual live bedbugs. This is particularly useful in the early stages of training as it allows the training to present the dog with a strong bedbug odour in the absence of any associated scents (plastic tubes, filter paper etc.).

Each vial contains approx. 40 drops of pheromone solution. To create a hide, one drop is pipetted onto a filter paper strip, which is then transferred to a ventilated vial. After 30-60 mins, when the solvent has completely evaporated, the ventilated vial can be used for scent detection training.

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