Glass Training Vials

£ 3.50

Ventilated glass vial with stainless steel mesh screw cap.


Glass training vials are 36mm high and 11mm diameter. These vials are ventilated at one end with 60 gauge stainless steel mesh.

Glass vials are offered as an alternative to our standard Snap-Cap vials. Hiding bedbugs in a range of different containers for scent detection training is considered good practice, because it helps to ensure that the dog does not learn to detect the odour of the plastics and other materials that are used in the manufacture of particular containers.

WARNING: Glass vials are much more fragile than our standard vials. They do not generally break if dropped onto a hard surface, but every effort should be made to ensure that the dog does not have the opportunity to pick up the vial in it’s mouth, as these vials will break if the dog bites down onto it.